Club Rules


Every Member of the Derby Model Boat Club shall exercise a duty of care at all times when carrying out any Club activities in public areas.

Proper standards of behaviour and competence are expected of all Members operating model boats on Derby Model Boat Club’s water i.e. the Mundy Canoe Pond within Markeaton Park.  Members shall show consideration for other model boaters (and their models), Members of the public, park staff and wildlife.

Models shall not sail into or near the bird wildlife and only slow moving craft shall sail near the water’s edge.

Only ‘quiet’ models are permitted to sail on the Mundy Canoe Pond i.e. electric or sail.

Whilst Members of Derby Model Boat Club are covered by Third Party Liability Insurance, this does not cover steam powered model. Steam powered models shall require the member to take out separate insurance cover in order to operate on the Mundy  Play Area Canoe Pond.

Steam powered vessels shall have their boilers and gas tanks pressure tested and certified in accordance with the Model Power Boat Association steam rules.

Equipment used to transport/support the model may present a potential trip hazard if left close to the water’s edge during operation.  Members shall make sure that all equipment (and models not in the water) are placed in a safe location.

Models and equipment shall never be left unattended at any time.

Telescopic aerials on transmitters shall be fitted with an eye protector.

If recharging batteries at the pond side is required this must be carried out well away from other Members, the general public and park staff.  Whilst recharging is taking place the batteries shall be continually monitored.

Health & Safety Guidance

When operating models at the Mundy Canoe Pond members should be aware:

a) When launching and retrieving models be aware that the edges and surround to the pond may be slippery

b) Of any item on boats (such as masts, antennae’s etc) which could cause eye injury when bending down over the model

c) The pond may contain water-borne diseases (e.g weils disease). Make sure that any scratches or minor abrasions that may come into contact with pond water are covered with a water proof plaster and wash hands thoroughly in clean water as soon as possible after any contact.

d) If entering the water to retrieve a stranded model be aware that the bottom of the pond will be silted and slippery. Also there may be unseen underwater obstructions that could form a trip hazard. If possible make contact with someone on the pond side and remain in contact until you (and the model) are safe out of the water.

e) Rotating propellers have the potential to cause injury when out of the water, for example when on a boat stand or being transported to or from the water, if the throttle stick on the transmitter is accidentally moved or the propeller is normally exposed during operation. (i.e on skimmers, airboats, hoover craft etc)